2017 Ford Fiesta: One Of The Most Successful Minis Is Back

One of the best selling cars by Ford in 2016 is making a comeback. 2017 Ford Fiesta is going to be largely unchanged but with a few interesting features which will make you want to buy it. Economical and compact this car is perfect for city and its environment. The new model is going to provide you with a good level of comfort and all the modern systems.

2017 Ford Fiesta Release Date

The car is expected to return in the end of 2016 or in the beginning of 2017.

2017 Ford Fiesta Price

Not only is new Fiesta going to be spacious, light and fuel economical, it is also going to be rather good for your pocket. The base model without any optional offers is going to cost you somewhat around $27,000.

2017 Ford Fiesta Redesign

Even though the model is still in the process of production there are a few details which we can share. The auto is highly expected to be released with Ford Global B platform. This is going to be a mini with three or five doors which is still in consideration.

According to the modern trend 2017 Fiesta is on a diet and has a goal to weigh 2700 lbs. However, the body itself will be 160.1 inches of length, 71.6 inches of width and 57.2 inches of height.

The new grill is promised to be covered with chrome as well as the new bumpers which are getting larger. The headlights are redesigned too and use LED type of lightning. The new spoiler follows the new style getting of a bigger size.

2017 Ford Fiesta Video

2017 Ford Fiesta Engine and Specifications

Even though there is not much information about engine used for upcoming Fiesta we still can predict some variants. One of them is 1.6 liter EcoBoost with four cylinders which of turbocharged type.

The engine will offer 240 horsepower of productivity and 250 lb-ft of torque, which is comparable to the bigger Focus. This is going to be a fuel injection type of engine with Start\Stop system to reduce the fuel consumption. The transmission is said to be an automatic and manual one with six speeds.

2017 Ford Fiesta Interior

The inside part is going to take unexpected changes and get closer to a sporty style which is quite similar to Ford Focus RS. The cabin will also get wide. The upholstery is mode of high class materials with chrome insertions.

The model is big enough for five passengers with luggage to feel comfortable. The car also offers an improved steering wheel. The seats are planned to use leather materials.

There are predictions that 2017 Ford Fiesta will come with 8 inch touch screen which includes all types of connectivity. The climate control is also under consideration.

2016-06-15 by Luke Widmeyer