2017 Ford Falcon: The End Of The Production

2017 Ford Falcon continues traditions of Ford GT40 and Ford Mustang. The changes are quite interesting.

2017 Ford Falcon Engine and Specifications

2017 Falcon is strong enough since it is equipped with 5.0 liter V8 type of engine which produces 456 horsepower. The acceleration is also impressive.

2017 Ford Falcon Redsign

According to the latest rumors 2017 Falcon is going to be the last model of generation.

According to the latest shots, the car will have new optics and grille. It is assumed that the Falcon's appearance will inherit Mondeo and Fusion style. The company does not disclose information about its configuration.

2017 Ford Falcon Video

2017 Ford Falcon History

As it has been mentioned the carmaker is going to stop creating new Falcon models. The reason is a huge financial decrease which has led to a loss of money. However, this will concern Australian market only while the rest of the world will be able to buy Ford Falcon. Perhaps the company will improve their sales and return the production in the future.

2017 Ford Falcon Images

2016-05-22 by Luke Widmeyer