2017 Ford F350 Becomes Stronger but Lighter At the Same Time

2017 Ford F350 has already been announced. The strongman among the automobiles he’s ready to do the work he’s purposed for, to tow. So it is doesn’t come as a surprise that the carmakers promise higher productivity as well as lighter weight. How is it possible? Recent news about upcoming F350 already here. The main rival is Ram 3500 pickup.

2017 Ford F350 Release Date

Ford’s strongest type of car had a long time coming but he’s almost finished now. Expectations will finally end in late 2016 or in yearly 2017.

Release date:  late 2016/yearly 2017

2017 Ford F350 Price

Ford still doesn’t announce how much the F350 will cost saying that it depends on the final part of production process. They encourage customers by revealing this secret closer to the release date. However, the assumptions circle around $33,500.

2017 Ford F350 Overview

According to the latest changes made along with a number of features which pass from the preceding models, 2017 Ford F350 comes as quite a promising investment. High towing possibilities along with comfortable interior are a meaningful advantage. Moreover, the infotainment range is quite wide that makes this car comfortable while use of it is simple. No matter how precise the existing predictions are F350 is going to be worth of money spent.

2017 Ford F350 Video

2017 Ford F350 Redesign

As usual good old Atlas sets the trend for cars of such type. So F350 follows its traditions. As you might guess, it means that the auto will look elegant but aggressively strong. As for the weight reduction, the secret is hidden in materials choice.

This time aluminum of military grade makes it possible for this auto to lose 350 pounds in comparison to the previous models. But still the auto looks like a box decorated with elegant lines. The front grill is improved, made wider and stronger with the Ford symbol. The fog lights are now positioned in the bumper zone while headlights use improved LED technology.

2017 Ford F350 Interior

The fresh model inherits the best interior decision from its predecessor. So what you can find inside is leather seats which provider a new level of comfort, wider touch screen to have everything under control and connectivity facilities. Moreover, you can always see what surrounds you owing to the seven cameras equipped.

The safety level is also well planned. Air bags, improved seat belts along with monitoring of blind spots, collision preventing system as well as cruise control make your ride less risky.

2017 Ford F350 Engine and Specifications

Carmaker promises to deliver the new auto with various engines, all of V8 type. The main one contains 6.2 L, another one contains 6.7 L while the last one is 6.8 L. No more details are revealed so far.

2017 Ford F350 Pictures

2016-05-31 by Luke Widmeyer