2017 Dodge Ram the Real Tough Guy Among Cars

What defines the real tough guy? Confidence, strength, brutality and other similar qualities. So if you look at brand new 2017 Dodge Ram, no doubts this is that real Man in world of machines. Trustworthy and powerful it is perfect to rely on whether you are going on a tough trip or on a simple picnic. The main rivals are Ford F-150, Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra.

2017 Dodge Ram Release Date

The expectation will not take much time since the upcoming Ram almost ready for you to try it. Date of the release is set on autumn 2016.

Release date: autumn 2016

2017 Dodge Ram Price

The retail price of the 2017 Dodge Ram starts from $46,000. However, this kind of pricing may rise dramatically depending on production details and market changes. Many predict that final price will be around $56,000.

2017 Dodge Ram Overview

As time goes by the Dodge Ram stays loyal to the standards set. Still spacious, still strong looking, still powerful. These are the distinguishing features of this automobile as well as this very model. The introduction of the 2017 Ram is not going to set a new trend or to reinvent the existing truck world but it is definitely going to add a few useful features to the family of Dodge.

2017 Dodge Ram Video

2017 Dodge Ram Redesign

When you see 2017 Dodge Ram riding, you got the feeling as if a powerful and fast torpedo is moving towards you. The firm colour makes this car outstanding and eye catching. The main changes touch upon front grill and rear, both have grown up since the previous version appeared. The new model design is made to increase tow capacity of the auto.

2017 Dodge Ram Interior

Interior of the upcoming truck looks rather simple and materials used are standard ones, however customers can order leather seats, for example. On the whole, the interior part of new 2017 Dodge is quite unchanged not to mention climate control and audio system.

The infotainment system will have a few insignificant changes the most important of which is introduction of voice control system. The system is going to work through Bluetooth connection.

2017 Dodge Ram Engine and Specifications

The entry models are going to offer six speed automatic transmission while eight speed models are planned to come in common use. The most interesting news is about the engine choice. As rumors say it will be PUG with 300 horsepower or famous Apache producing 400 horsepower. Unofficial predictions predict that the upcoming model is going to be of diesel type that will increase tow possibilities of the Ram.

2017 Dodge Ram Pictures

2016-06-1 by Luke Widmeyer