2017 Dodge Dart: Naturally Born Athlete

Sport news is here. 2017 Dodge Dart is back. Athletic genes of its ancestors make this car a naturally born sport model. The new generation is based on the platform of Alfa Romeo Giulietta but the new car is made longer. 2017 Dodge Dart is equipped with a lightweight suspension of aluminum.

The roofline, the shape of the wheel arches and exterior mirrors are not just design elements. 2017 Dodge Dart is equipped with systems which are good for fuel reduction. The main feature of the interior is a modified dashboard which indicates you about speed and navigation aspects.

The main rival is Nissan Sentra.

2017 Dodge Dart Video

2017 Dodge Dart Equipment

2017 Dodge Dart is equipped with the large touchscreen of 8.4 inches, the ESC stabilization system, 10 airbags and numerous safety features. The car also includes Hill-Start Assist.

2017 Dodge Dart Engine

2017 Dodge Dart runs on small but powerful 1.4 liter MultiAir turbo engine. Its productivity is 160 horsepower and maximum torque is 250 Nm at 2250 rpm. The engine is paired with 6 speed manual gearbox.

Another engine variant can be the one from Mitsubishi with 2 liter of displacement and 160 HP of productivity. The engine is paired with a manual 6 step transmission.

Diesel engines are not considered yet.

2017 Dodge Dart Images

2016-05-3 by Luke Widmeyer