2017 Dodge Charger Still The Champion Among Sedans

The car with a heritage. The car with power and speed. The car with a legend. Those who love Dodge must know that there’s only one sedan in the world which is strong, fast and spacious. This is the Charger and the upcoming 2017 model is even better than its predecessor. The main rival for V6 model is Nissan Maxima.

2017 Dodge Charger Release Date

According to the recent information the new Dodge Charger should be expected in the first half of 2017.

Release date: the first half of 2017

2017 Dodge Charger Price

Since the process of the car finalization is set on the next year it’s quite early to predict the price. However, we can expect the pricing from $30,000 to $65,000

2017 Dodge Charger Overview

On the whole, 2017 Charger model is going to be of a higher class than the previous one. With improved interior equipment and engine, modified exterior and interior this sedan has what it takes to bear the name of the world’s strongest sedan.

2017 Dodge Charger Video

2017 Dodge Charger Redesign

The new model is still muscular looking with a big body. This part of the series stays unchangeable. The luxurious approach to the car still present. The model will be fitted with a new but firm grill and new LED highlights.

The bonnet as well as fenders will be slightly modified and will stick to the typical Dodge style. It is still four door sedan but the exterior colour is changed now. The modified shape of the body improves aerodynamic aspect and makes 2017 Dodge simpler to drive.

2017 Dodge Charger Engine and Specifications

2017 Dodge Charger reveals details about two kind of engine which are going to be used. The first one is Pentastar V6 engine of 3.6 liters (same as in Chrysler 300). Another one is V8 HEMI of 6.1 liter. This one is very powerful engine which produces up to 640 horsepower and paired with 8 speed automatic transmission. However, there’re claims about 5 speed manual transmission.

2017 Dodge Charger Interior

The interior of the Charger series seems to be impeccable but each new model somehow manages to present even a better one. So 2017 Dodge Charger is of no exception. This time functionality of the interior has been seriously improved. Only high quality materials are used.

The new seats are perfectly designed, they’re ergonomic and get adjusted to the passenger when aggressive driving. The equipment is also ergonomically installed to make their use easier.

Even though there’s not much information on what particular kind of equipment will be used we still can make some predictions. Thus, air conditioning, better audio system, different types of connectivity and voice control are expected.

2017 Dodge Charger Pictures

2016-06-6 by Luke Widmeyer