2017 BMW X3 Sticks To The Classics

2017 BMW X3 is pricey but reasonably. For a good deal of money you can get extremely safe model which has been through severe crash tests, wide range of engines which provide very high productivity and wide body which offers you a lot of space and systems inside. The rivals for the car are Lexus RX, Audi Q5.

2017 BMW X3 Release Date

You can expect this model to be released in the beginning of 2017.

2017 BMW X3 Price

2017 BMW X3 is offered as Diesel and as SUV. Diesel variant will cost you somewhat around $42,450. While SUV is going to be a bit cheaper. Its price amounts to $38,950

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2017 BMW X3 Redesign

New sDrive28i model is going to look much like its predecessor promising to stay attractive and stylish. Nevertheless, 2017 BMW X3 offers you improved wheels of 18 inches along with modified mirrors. Headlights of the car have been upgraded with new LED technologies as well as foglights which are said to become stronger now.

Higher xDrive28i has relatively the same appearance with minor modifications. Top model which goes as xDrive35i includes all of the mentioned features along with taillights which are adaptable to the environment and use LED technologies and panoramic type of roof.

2017 BMW X3 Video

2017 BMW X3 Engine and Specifications

To begin with, each 2017 BMW X3 model is equipped with Stop/Start system which allows you to use less fuel. All types are paired with transmission of automatic type and eight speeds.
sDrive28i as well as xDrive28i are fitted with 2.0 liter engine of turbocharged type with four cylinders and productivity of 240 horsepower.

The first one is RWD car while the latter is AWD model.
xDrive28d also offers you turbocharged engine which uses 2.0 liter displacement, four cylinders and provides the driver with 180 horsepower.
xDrive35i has the same turbocharged unit but with capacity of 3.0 liter of inline six type with 300 horsepower which makes this engine the strongest one.

2017 BMW X3 Interior

Inside part of this car is also modified but not as much as it could have been done. To begin with, sDrive28i model offers you climate control and cruise control facilities. Lightning inside is soft but ambient, wipers are automatic.

This car has different types of connectivity for your devices as well as modified steering wheel covered with leather and audio system with nine speakers. xDrive28i has no difference in interior. This model has another type of engine only. While xDrive35i offers better audio system with 16 speakers.

2016-06-17 by Luke Widmeyer