2017 BMW M2 Ready To Change

BMW 1 Series was definitely one of the best cars but its market was rather short. Two years only. When 2 Series came to substitute its predecessor critics were rather suspicious but the model turned out be a good one. This is a powerful and compact car which has a lot advantages and now the generation of BMW M2 is coming.

2017 BMW M2 Release Date

The auto is not expected to appear soon on the market. It may be released in late 2017 but the information is nonofficial.

Release date: late 2017

2017 BMW M2 Price

The average price of the model is going to be around $54,000

2017 BMW M2 Overview

The upcoming BMW M2 is going to a good and promising release. Hardly can we say that the model has been through drastic changes and looks completely modified. No, but it doesnt come as a disadvantage. The auto still has its strongest points on board, however with slight improvements. A few more elements in exterior and interior along with improved engine make the model better than it was. The price may be a little bit too high but its really worth of money spent.

2017 BMW M2 Video

2017 BMW M2 Engine and Specifications

The automobile is going to use 3.0 liter engine with BMW Twin Scroll turbo technology. The engine is of direct injection type. The productivity of the car will be 365 horsepower. The engine can optionally be paired with six speed manual or dual clutch type of transmission. The car can reach from zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds which is faster than the previous indicators.

2017 BMW M2 Redesign

The overall idea of the new design is mainly based on BMW M4. However, the M2 is going to get aggressive and threatening appearance. The bumper will stay the same reminding of M6, M4 and M3. The new air intakes have become also meaner.

The model is less elegant trying to look more brutal than its siblings. If you look at the model from behind, you wont see many changes but a modified bumper. The car also has its firm lines. The whole body has become a little bit larger now.

2017 BMW M2 Interior

As preceding generation the new auto interior is also driver oriented. The inside part is decorated to look luxurious and it does. The steering wheel is covered with leather as well as upholstery. The dashboard stays relatively the same as it was with the exception of a few new insertions.

The auto also uses some electronic applications which will help to make your driving process easier. The applications indicate speed level and gather the whole information you may need while driving.

2017 BMW M2 Pictures

2016-06-10 by Luke Widmeyer