2017 BMW 7 series –Executive sedan update

New, already 7th in-a-row gen flagship sedan 2017 BMW 7 series open to the public. Have an perfect repute of the car in its new incarnation is ready to offer the owner more innovation and comfort, setting the bar for first-class on almost inaccessible height. A sum of tech solutions used in the sedan is unique and inaccessible to other members of the high lights in the automobile world.

Thus, 2017 BMW 7 series preserving and multiplying the achievements of predecessors, makes another step towards the desired leadership in the subdivision. In Europe the Bavarian flagship of the 7th generation should appear in October 2017. The main rivals are Mercedes S-class and Lexus LS.

2017 BMW 7 release date

The start of sales of the new BMW 7 series is scheduled for October 2017.

Release date: late 2017

"Seven" is offered with three engines: two 6-cylinder diesel engines with a volume of 3 liter, uprated to 265 and 320 HP and 4.4-liter gasoline V8 with 450 HP and a Total number of modifications is equal to six, as each of the engines will be mounted on the body with standard and extended wheelbases.

2017 BMW 7 series dimensions

The foundation of the new "seven" BMW with index G11/G12 formed super touring car design, made with the use of high-strength steels, carbon fiber, aluminum. The use of composite materials has provided a weight reduction of the power frame without compromising its strength characteristics. As a result, the new 2017 BMW 7 series compared with the previous version has lost as much as 130 kg. Car itself even slightly grown in size.

So, the regular version of the sedan (G11) has increased to a length of 5098mm (+19mm) and height 1478mm (+7mm). Body width and the wheel base of the car remained unadjusted – 1902mm and 3070mm, respectively. The 2017 BMW 7 series extended version also retained the largest wheelbase on the same level (3210 mm), but the length of the car increased to 5238 mm (+19 mm). Body novelties in addition to outstanding performance of lightness and stiffness has an ideal weight distribution on axes, fixed in a 50:50 ratio.

2017 BMW 7 series redesign

The Bavarian appearance of the flagship, seriously retouched during the restyling 2012, in the change of generations was again subjected to review. However, all the changes were made within the original design concept, and, therefore, no major innovations to speak of. The bow of BMW 7 series 2016-2017 got a lush nose grille and joined them on the sides of the headlamps with a distinctive and expressive "look".

The front bumper has a slightly different configuration with a neat cut-out air intake and striking fog, underlined the bottom and top strips of chromium. Huge hood with elegant lines punch like hanging over all these economies, giving the sedan a truly menacing appearance.

2017 BMW 7 series exterior

View of new BMW pleases the eye with its muscular silhouette with graceful contours of the body. Aesthetic pleasure here cause literally every stroke, whether the original fin, crossing the whole sidewall at the level of the door handle, or a stylish rear view mirror on slender legs-legs. Harmoniously complement the exterior of the machine when viewed in profile alloy wheels with a diameter of 17 inches to 21 inches.

Solid feed of the sedan attracted the attention of a large L-shaped lampshades, all interconnected by a chrome slat, and an impressive bumper with two large exhaust pipes nozzles, also clad in chrome.

Front and rear optics of executive sedan from BMW is made entirely of LEDs. Alternatively, you can order the laser head lights that generates a bright white light. This is a truly unique option for production cars. Prospective buyers of the new BMW 7 series will also offer up to 11 colour shades of the color of the body (two non-metallic and nine metallic). As part of a package M-Sport there are two variants of the enamel.

2017 BMW 7 interior

A car of this class, the Bavarian sedan has in all respects a perfectly organized interior, each element of which is worthy of the prefix super. Needless to say that as the upholstery material used here is high-quality leather in combination with aluminium inserts and natural wood. Plenty of free space on any of the seats, sitting on the back of the couch, to move somewhere else does not arise the slightest desire. The presence of the chair with the right adjustments (plus the functions of ventilation and massage), as well as its own climate control and the media is doing its job.

Being still in the driver's seat of a BMW 7 series, there is an opportunity to assess the capabilities of the new generation of multimedia system IDrive. Its functionality, by the way, has increased dramatically. For example, she received the touch screen, interact with which, by analogy with smartphones or any other electronic gadgets. Another innovation is the support system of gestures to control certain functions. All this splendor is complemented by the possibility of wireless charging of mobile devices.

2017 BMW 7 equipment

Basic multimedia complex another source of obtaining data from different systems is the dashboard. It is available in two formats – the traditional 8.8-inch graphic display with four classic round dials or 12.3-inch multifunction screen. The design of the latter may vary depending on the selected mode of operation chassis: Sport, Comfort or Eco Pro. To escape the indications on the instrument cluster is not necessary when using the projection Head-Up display that displays information directly in the field of view is focused on traffic driver. The updated BMW 7-Series 2016-2017 increased projected area and the quality of displayed characters.

Among other innovations received the BMW flagship of the seventh generation, we will note the Parking system with remote control. She can Park the car yourself, even if no driver at the wheel, receiving a signal from a special FOB. In addition to this system, the sedan can be equipped with a Parking assistant, acting according to the classical scheme when the driver behind the wheel.

2017 BMW 7 engines specs

Engines of the seventh generation BMW 7-Series is represented by two petrol engines, a diesel and a hybrid power plant. Over all the engines seriously bothered the engineers, therefore their performance increased significantly, which affected the technical specifications. So, three-liter diesel "six" (the version of the BMW 730d and the BMW 730Ld) added to the previous power of 7 HP and now its output is 265 HP At the same time the maximum torque increased from 560 to 620 Nm. The engine became more economic and safe from the point of view of ecology.

The younger of two petrol engines – 3-liter six-cylinder unit – after the modernization have a capacity of 326 HP Modification 740i and 740Li equipped with this engine accelerates from a static position to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds.

Top for the new "seven" is a version of BMW 750i (or 750Li), driven by a 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 with a thrust of 450 HP that's enough power to accelerate the car to "hundred" for 4.4 seconds.

Hybrid modification of the 740e is equipped with a combination of 2.0-liter "four" and the motor. Together they produce up to 326 HP of power, spending in the combined cycle funny 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers. "Seven" BMW with a hybrid setup is capable of one electric to cover the distance of 40 km, not accelerating with more than 120 km/h.

2017 BMW 7 transmission

Like its predecessor, the BMW 7 series 2016-2017 can be produced with either rear wheel drive or XDrive all-wheel drive execution. Transmissions presented the only option – 8-speed automatic transmission StepTronic. Fully independent suspension involves the use of double-wishbone front design and rear – five-arm configuration. Also available air suspension with automatic adjustment of the position of the body and control dampers.

2016-04-21 by Luke Widmeyer