2017 Audi A8 Going Futuristic

Market of luxurious cars is a tough place for a competition. Nonetheless, one of today’s favorites manages to keep up and to set new trends. It means that 2017 Audi A8 is back and it is not going to lose. Auto is made faster, stronger and with unexpected design. The main rival for the car is BMW 7-series.

2017 Audi A8 Release Date

You can expect this model to hit the world market in summer 2017.

2017 Audi A8 Price

2017 Audi A8 is going to be rather priced. Base model with base equipment is going to cost you $90,000. There are a lot of optional offers which will make the price of this car even higher. Not to mention higher trims which are going to be a small fortune for you.

2017 Audi A8 Redesign

Appearance of this model is quite promising. As carmaker promises 2017 A8 is going to be revolutionary new. Auto is going to look rich and prestigious as ever but with serious modifications. The idea is to make the car less traditional and old fashioned.

New design is supposed to be modern to futuristic extent. To begin with, optics is going to be stronger to provide you with better driving experience. Not to mention new grill which is said to become smooth and elegant. As for the wheel arches, you can expect them to be wider. Overall look of 2017 A8 is going to be based on Prologue concept.

2017 Audi A8 Engine and Specifications

2017 Audi A8 is expected to come with various types of engine. One of them is V6 diesel type which produces 268 horsepower. Another one is of petrol type. This is W12 unit with 6.0 liter of displacement and 585 horsepower of productivity.

The last variant is V8 engine which produces 580 horsepower with displacement of 4.0 liter. Moreover, you can buy hybrid version of the model. Type of transmission offered is eight speed automatic one which powers all four wheels which means that 2017 A8 is of AWD type.

2017 Audi A8 Interior

Even though there is too little that we know about new interior of Audi A8, the promises are very ambitious. Audi wants wider and richer interior which will make you stunt. For instance, instrument panel of this model is said to become all digital.

Auto is supposed to be equipped with wide touchscreen which has numerous features and systems allowing you to control your car totally. Inside part of this model is going to be highly technological and mini screens are expected to replace existing buttons and keys.

Moreover, the car is made to be economical in use. Thus, depending on the trim you can use functions to reduce fuel, gasoline or diesel consumption.

2016-06-17 by Luke Widmeyer